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HHO Carbon Clean Systems offers mobile hydrogen carbon cleaning services for all internal combustion engines, increasing performance, lengthening the life of critical engine components, and most importantly, saving our customers money.  For the cost of a premium oil change or a high efficiency air filter, HHO saves customers 9% on average for fuel expenses along with decreased breakdowns and downtime. 

With applications in the Auto, Trucking, and Construction Equipment Industries, HHO has created a unique business opportunity in a $1.2T (with a ‘T’) market with little to no competition in U.S. markets.  HHO is able to work on upwards of 85% gross profit margins because the only inputs are distilled water and electricity to operate our hydrogen carbon cleaning machine.  HHO is an ideal business opportunity for entrepreneurs of all stripes who are willing to hustle and close deals with fleet operators big and small.

Why own an HHO Carbon Clean Systems Franchise:

1.  Untapped $1.2T MarketHHO is a first-to-market opportunity with little to no competition in the US. 
2.  High Profit Margins – Our Carbon Cleaning Service boasts over 85% profit margins.
3.  Vast Open Territory – Emerging brand with opportunities across the country.
4.  Low Initial Investment – Be up and operational for under $100k.
5.  Innovative Solutions – Offer customers 9% on fuel savings and other hydrogen energy solutions.
6.  Green Energy Opportunity – Provide a hydrogen energy solution that saves customers money and improves engine performance.

this is hho Carbon clean systems


  • HHO provides a mobile preventative maintenance service on all internal combustion engines.  Carbon buildup in the combustion chamber is the common culprit in many issues that rob an engine of horsepower and drivability.  This buildup adds friction and inefficiency to the combustion equation and cumulatively decreases the performance that the engine had when it was new.
  • Our HHO Carbon Cleaning Service uses distilled water and electroysis to produce Oxyhydrogen gas which is introduced to the air intake of engines.  The reaction during the combustion causes a phase change in carbon deposits, returning to a gaseous state, which is then expelled through the exhaust system.
  • Old or new, our engine carbon cleaning system can produce significant results including restored performance, increased fuel economy, and lowered emissions.  No invasive engine tear down required. No oil change needed after the service.  Providing the service is a low labor activity that takes approximately 5 minutes to attach or detach after the 25-45 minute service is completed.


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What Is HHO?

What Is HHO?

HHO is the mixture of hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O) gases when water (H2O) is separated.  It goes by several names including HHO, Brown’s Gas, Oxyhydrogen Gas, and Hydroxy Gas.  Or it can simply be referred to as hydrogen because when it is in this atomic structure, the atoms of hydrogen, hydrogen, and oxygen are not bonded. It is colorless, odorless, and lighter than air. ...

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How HHO Contributes To Complete Combustion

How HHO Contributes To Complete Combustion

How HHO Contributes To Complete Combustion     The significant benefits attributed to Hydrogen Carbon Cleaning are founded in the effectiveness of hydrogen in combustion.  Hydrogen, also known as H, H2, hydroxy gas, HHO, or Brown’s Gas, has highly combustible characteristics that make it extremely effective for internal combustion engines, both gas and diesel.  This article seeks to define the...

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Do Electric Vehicles Provide a Sustainable Solution?

Do Electric Vehicles Provide a Sustainable Solution?

With battery technology improving at increasing pace and time-honored manufacturers joining the fray, today, there are multiple reasons to purchase EVs.  Their rise has been further propelled by increasing gas prices and looming environmental concerns (DOE).  Toyota’s Prius was the world’s first mass-produced hybrid electric vehicle.  Tesla’s luxury models accelerated the transition to EVs among...

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