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start-up costS

Here is a list including the largest startup expenses for an HHO Carbon Clean System franchise.  A more complete list is found in our Franchise Disclosure Document.



Type of Expenditure





 When Due


To Whom Payment is Made


Initial Franchise Fee (Note 1)



When Franchise Agreement is signed


Service Vehicle (Note 2)


$5,100 – $39,000

As incurred


Service Vehicle Initial Equipment Package


$23,000 – $29,000

As incurred

Us or Affiliates

Additional Funds – 3 months

$20,700 – $41,600

As incurred

Us, employees, suppliers, landlord, utility suppliers


Total Estimate

$78,800 – $139,600


Note 1: Initial Franchise Fee – The Initial Franchise Fee is $30,000 for a single franchise to operate a HHO Business within a designated Operating Territory. We do not offer direct or indirect financing.

Note 2: Service Vehicle – The franchisee will be required to purchase or lease a 2019 or newer Ford Transit or Ram ProMaster.  If the franchisee elects to finance or lease the service vehicle, we estimate that the initial upfront expenses including initial down payment, taxes and expenses to be approximately $5,100 with a down payment and three estimated monthly finance or lease installments on a 60-month repayment plan or lease.


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