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We believe that market growth of hydrogen energy solutions will be propelled by local trustworthy leaders.  We are starting with carbon cleaning services because it is a profitable service that offers tremendous results to consumers and businesses.  Restoring the youth to these engines is of incredible value to the economy and the environment.

On-demand hydrogen solutions have applications in many different aspects of our lives.  We are researching and developing other applications for our vehicles, our homes, and for generators.  Our most recent project is the HydroTorch.  It is a torch and cutter that uses water as the fuel rather than acetylene.  HHO franchises will be the distribution channel of that technology.

HHO Carbon Clean Systems Franchise North Carolina
HHO Carbon Clean Systems Franchise North Carolina


We are dedicated to pioneering the integration and advancement of on-demand hydrogen technologies while promoting the longevity, efficiency, and utility of traditional energy production.

The use of on-demand hydrogen to improve the power and efficiency of engines is one of the most affordable clean energy solutions available.  The International Energy Agency states that the most affordable renewable energy is “Energy Efficiency.”  That is using the available energy in more effective ways.  We offer a service that extends the life of existing engines, lowers emissions, and increases fuel economy.  For businesses, lowering fuel costs and emissions is an energy efficient solution that is much more affordable than investing in a new fleet.  Our services accomplish similar goals as alternative clean energy solutions at a much lower cost.

We believe that on-demand hydrogen offers many solutions to our energy needs.  HHO Carbon Clean Systems’ mission is to offer those benefits through our locally owned and operated franchise network.  It is the local business owner who will make the most significant impact in communities across the country.  As Jared English has said, “This is not just about spreading a technology, it is about spreading a culture.”  


High Integrity

Every transaction is a transaction of trust.  We believe in a culture where you can seal deals with handshakes.  

High Energy

Consistent strategic action generates results.  We are Hydrogen Ambassadors and involved in the community beyond the business.  We are coaches, volunteers, and leaders.  

Growth Minded

HHO is bringing to market new technologies and services.  We are increasing awareness, increasing customers, and increasing applications. 

HHO Carbon Clean Systems Franchise North Carolina
HHO Carbon Clean Systems Franchise North Carolina


HHO recognizes the opportunity presented by the demand for increased efficiency in internal combustion engines, tightening EPA regulations, and unpredictable fluctuations in fuel costs.  As such, we offer a convenient solution to our customers with low barriers to entry and low competition. 

We have experienced the challenges faced by today’s complicated emissions systems that restrict exhaust gas flow and wreak havoc on engines and their components.  Whether considering new equipment purchases or maximizing current equipment, business owners and individuals alike are looking for competitive solutions to increased downtime, cost of repair, fuel expense, and regulation.



  • Core Value Alignment
    – High Integrity
    – High Energy
    – Growth-Minded
  • Financial
    – Networth of $250k
    – Liquid Capital of $95k

Experience in sales is necessary.
Auto experience is not necessary.


Launch a mobile business providing an innovative service.

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